We have two versions of our Vision-Based Planning workshop process:

  1.  Full Vision-Based Planning workshop process to provide you with a complete strategic plan from Vision and Purpose to Action and Implementation Plan with metrics.
  • This takes you through our complete, 11-Step process, and it can be completed in as little as 8 weeks elapsed time.

Our 11-Step VBP Process

Expansion Phase:
Step 1: Identify and understand the strategic context.
Step 2: Analyze issues, concerns, and problems of the organization
today and into the future.
Step 3: Identify possible/potential desired directions for the organization
using creative and imaginative techniques.

Participants then have a gap of two days to two weeks between
sessions to enable them to mull over the ideas. We recommend the
workshops take place Wednesday through Friday, with a gap over the
weekend, and then resume Monday through Wednesday. That way, the
momentum that has been gained is not lost.

Synthesis Phase:
Step 4: Develop the Vision and Values.
Step 5: Develop the Mission or Purpose.
Step 6: Develop Top-Level Strategic Goals.
Step 7: Develop Objectives to achieve goals.
Step 8: Develop Strategies to achieve each objective.
Step 9: Develop an Action Plan (measures, metrics, timeline, and assign
roles and responsibilities).
Step 10: Develop an Implementation Plan (assign roles, responsibilities).
Step 11: Develop a Communications Plan.


2. Way-Pointing planning process to get you pointed in the right direction by developing a Vision

  • This is a shorter version of the process, focusing on expansionary ideas that lead to the Vision, but that leaves you to work on the planning steps.¬† This takes less than 4 weeks elapsed time.