Applied Futures was founded by Christine and Kirk MacNulty in the UK in 1988, and then moved to the US in 1993, where it became a Virginia Corporation.


Christine A. R. MacNulty, FRSA, Founder and CEO

 Christine MacNulty has more than 40 years’ experience as a consultant in long-term strategic planning for concepts as well as organizations, technology forecasting, technology assessment, and related areas, as well as socio-cultural change. Early in her career she began to use workshops to gain leadership commitment to their strategic plans. For the last 20 years, most of her consulting work has been conducted for the Department of Defense. She has provided consulting services for various Fortune Global 500 companies in the United States, the UK, and Western and Europe for client applications, including marketing, advertising, personnel and human resources, education, and training. MacNulty has also contributed methods and models for understanding social and cultural change, and at the request of several of her clients, she is now offering Master Minds in change and transformation, as well as strategic consultation.

In the Spring of 2017, she was invited to become a Columnist for the award-winning, online business magazine – BIZCATALYST360 – for which she had been a featured contributor for almost a year.

She was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce in 1988. She is the coauthor of two books: Industrial Applications of Technology Forecasting (Wiley) and Strategy with Passion: A Leader’s Guide to Exploiting the Future. Her monograph “Truth, Perception & Consequences” was published by the Army War College (September 2007) and “Transformation: From the Outside In or the Inside Out” was also published by the Army War College (September 2008). Her paper, “Perceptions, Values & Motivations in Cyberspace” appeared in the IO Journal, (3rd Quarter, 2009), and “The Value of Values” for IO, SC & Intel was published in the IO Journal (August 2010). She has been featured on the Heartbeat of America television program as the owner of an innovative small business. She was also the developer and co-host of the radio program Strategy with Passion that aired on Business Channel from May-December 2009.

W. Kirk MacNulty, MBA,  Founder and CFO.

A former U.S. Marine, turned IT consultant and published author, Kirk MacNulty is the CFO for Applied Futures.   As he frequently puts it:  “My accountancy professor told me that it is important to have someone who keeps score in a business.   So Chris rolls the dice, and I keep score.”    For many years he has had a deep interest in the history of thought, and how it has led to our current global situation.  His paper “The Paradigm Perspective” was published in the WFS Futures Quarterly Review in Fall 1989, and he has given several briefings for the USN and USMC on the subject and its implications for today’s world.

Our Team

We have known and worked with almost all our consultants for over 20 years, and we bring them in to work on projects for which they have particular capabilities and expertise.   We also subcontract to a few larger organizations.

Partners with whom we work on a regular basis are:

Dr. Stephen Woodall, President & CEO, Strategic Synthesis Ltd., our partner in many strategic projects.

Les Higgins and Pat Dade, both Founders and Directors of Cultural Dynamics Strategy & Marketing who provide our social models and data.   And Les works with us on our strategic planning and futures projects.

Dr. J. Michael Waller, Managing Director, Oceanic Advisors, and renowned expert on political and psychological warfare and subversion.