Applied Futures – delivering imaginative, actionable and successful results in Vision-Based Strategic Planning, Futures projects and Understanding Cultures, since its founding in 1988.   Applied Futures has worked extensively for many organizations within the Department of Defense, NATO and Global Fortune 500 companies.

While many of our core services are for large organizations that want complete strategies, we have also begun to offer other services such as MasterMinds and training in strategy and futures.

Let us help your organization develop a new or expanded vision and create strategies for thriving.

Founder and CEO, Christine MacNulty is a strategist, futurist and consultant in cultural understanding.  She is also an author, speaker, and a regular columnist for BIZCATALYST360.  She has many years of experience in Strategy, Futures and dscn0362Cultures Consultancy in the US, UK and Europe.  She is passionate about assisting leaders of commercial and government organizations to thrive in these turbulent times.  She provides insights and guidance for innovation, transformation and change, and she delights in exceeding clients’ expectations.

At Applied Futures, we take a people-centered approach to all our consultancy, eliciting new and creative ideas from the leadership team and young mavericks that they had never thought of before.   And we have have developed a remarkably fast and unique approach to strategic planning, change and even transformation from the inside out.